our carma

The dream team

We are really living in a “dream” somehow, because he is an applied sleep scientist and she found the man of her dreams here in Austria. After travelling from one continent - America (both in the USA) to the other - Europe (she: Romania & Turkey; he: Belgium) and experiencing different kind of mentalities, work experience and fun, she stopped after a spontaneous decision somewhere in between, in Austria, where she met the Austrian mentality combined with a southern flair. This is how our dream team came together at the very beginning but how they became a couple is even  funnier....but this you are going to find out only when you are visiting us.

As we mentioned, he is a sleep scientist teaching at the University of Salzburg and as a “break” from science he is also working as a psychotherapist. So don’t be surprised that when you will be staying with us you won’t really see him, because he will wake up after breakfast and come home after dinner.
Fortunately? maybe .... she is working as a pedagogue for elementary school kids, teaching tennis and sports, so waking up before breakfast and going to bed right after dinner. Besides that she has improved her German knowledge at the University of Salzburg and got her Bachelor in Sport Science, cause to have a title in Austria is a “must”, so one has to integrate properly, or? :)

Apart from the serious work stuff, we enjoy life as much as possible, specially by travelling to the South or at least somewhere where isn´t too much snow. We are the backpacker type of tourists, like it easy and simple...being more interested in knowing “real life” and not the “touristic illusions”, meeting the locals and interesting people that are crossing our way. Our son Nathan is accompying us on our life trip:)

Besides travelling sports like: tennis, skiing, aerobics, zumba are another way to keep us active and in shape. We prefer to watch sport events on tv – football, formula 1, skiing, tennis etc.- instead of action and blood movies or Germany’s next Topmodel.

We also like to be surrounded by our friends...that’s why we organise all kind of Motto Parties in our house, summer or winter doesn’t matter because we have an old carpenter’s room where there is enough space for all of us to dance and drink ;)

So our philosophy is to be as normal as possible, open, friendly, easy going as possible.... showing our guests our surroundings from a local point of view....

How did we get to this idea?...by chance.....or better said “Lonely Planet Brazil”. We have read about the Brazilian version of “B&B” called “Cama e Cafe”, we stayed in 2 of the homes of the residents of Santa Teresa district.....we liked it so much that we thought “why not in Salzburg”? ps: but don’t expect us to dance samba like the Brazilians;)
So if you like this kind of “combi-package” don’t hesitate to contact us or even pay us a visit. You can even write us in your native language if it’s one that we also understand - She speaks: Rumanian, Hungarian, English, German, French, Turkish, Italian, Spanish. He: German & English.